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This is an ON SHIP position with Norwegian Cruise Line

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LISTING DATE: January, 2022


Working with the Technical Production Manager, Cruise Director, Theatrical Operations Manager, and onboard management, the Production Stage Manager is responsible for the efficient operations of production shows, quality of performances and programmed events within the designated theater, venue or entertainment space. Oversees the production show team members and scheduling within assigned venue, execution of programming and protecting assets, resulting in achieving and exceeding guest and company expectations. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

Must be at least 18 years old to apply.




Production Show Operations and Maintenance

  • Lead rehearsal process in Tampa Studios (if applicable) before embarkation on the ship
  • Run all technical rehearsals in the venue/theater for production shows and guest entertainers
  • Call all performances and special events in assigned venue
  • Responsible for the training and sign-off of back-up show caller(s) for assigned venue
  • Protect and maintain production show integrity and approved content
  • Take show notes to give to the cast on weekly basis, scheduling brush-up rehearsals as required
  • In coordination with Show Captains, hold regular understudy/swing rehearsals ensuring show continuity in the event of cast injury/illness
  • Maintain and update show calling book with all light cues, spotlight cues, sound cues, automation calls and video calls
  • Maintain and update production show books with show blocking, props placement, plot of the set with marks, backstage tracks of the technicians and support personnel
  • Submit and manage all MXP orders and purchasing requests for designated theater/venue production equipment and consumables
  • Liaise with the Technical Production Manager to ensure all technical aspects of the show and venue are running properly
  • In coordination with the Technical Production Manager, schedule and oversee regular ‘work calls’ to ensure that all production show sets, props, and equipment are well maintained aesthetically and functionally
  • Make sure the assigned theater venue meets all safety codes and proper safety protocols are being followed
  • Conduct frequent inspections and physically walk through assigned theater production spaces to ensure they are well maintained and kept according to policies
  • Supervise the storerooms and inventories, adhering to safe storage practices


  1. Write and distribute voyage production reports accurately detailing show details, status of production elements, and any needs in assigned venue.
  2. Write venue/show synopsis for end of cruise report(s) as requested by other departmental leaders
  3. Ensure timely and direct reporting for any show critical equipment failures, injuries, or other show-stopping events to onboard and shoreside management personnel


  1. Maintain and update a production grid for the designated theater/venue to distribute to Cruise Director, departmental managers & supervisors, production show team members and other onboard departments as needed
  2. Maintain a working schedule for all production cast members
  3. Maintain and distribute weekly schedule of events for production show cast
  4. Maintain and distribute weekly rotation for the production cast for all assigned cruise programs events
  5. Work with the Cruise Director and Theatrical Operations Manager to properly schedule all production installs, rehearsals and guest entertainers within assigned venue
  6. Work with the incoming Production Stage Manager and Production team to ensure proper time is scheduled to install the shows on the ship; communicate prior to arrival and during install timeline and liaise with Cruise Director and onboard management for all requests and requirements

Supervisory/Management Duties

  1. Liaise with Theatrical Operations Manager to contribute to performance observations for all production cast members
  2. In coordination with Technical Production Manager, supervise technical team in show/venue related duties and provide observations on evaluations (90-day new crew, monthly, and end of contract)
  3. Hold weekly production meetings with Theatrical Operations Manager, Show Captains, Wardrobe Supervisor and Technical Production Manager onboard to discuss schedule, issues and upcoming events
  4. Attend weekly company meetings with production cast members to discuss schedules, issues and upcoming events
  5. Attend weekly technical production meeting with Technical Production Manager and technical team members to discuss issues, maintenance and operations
  6. Address all production team and guest issues in a timely manner; seek onboard resolutions and escalate to Manager, Production Operations and entertainment management if unable to resolve

Guest Service and Other Duties

  1. Closely coordinate with Box Office Manager, ensuring that house is opened on schedule and communicate any delays in a timely fashion. Act as house manager when productions are scheduled to open venue for guests when required
  2. Expected to be accessible and approachable with the guests, capable of being a patient listener while making the guests feel at home
  3. Performs other related duties as assigned or as directed. The omission of specific duties does not preclude the supervisor from assigning duties that are logically related to the position
  4. Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS, and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position


  1. Supervises production show casts in the designated theater or entertainment venue onboard, numbering up to 35 people at a time
  2. Provide quality management skills for all production and entertainment services provided on a fleet of large passenger vessels that accommodate from 3,000-7,000 guests and crew
  3. Must be able to effectively communicate and work with Department Heads, Managers, Supervisors and Team members onboard, as well as shore side personnel in the Miami office and Tampa Studios
  4. Must have knowledge of and ability to schedule, manage and supervise production shows and entertainment events for passenger vessels consisting of up to 5,000 guests to act as advisor and support for onboard team members

Nature and Scope

  1. The Production Stage Manager reports directly to the Theatrical Operations Manager onboard, as well as the Manager, Production Operations while following company, ship and entertainment guidelines
  2. Full awareness of scheduled events, shows and private groups for designated theater/venue and liaise with Group Services Coordinator for scheduling
  3. Expected to work effectively as a liaison to onboard production show team members and Norwegian Creative Studios managers and personnel
  4. Protects and maintains production show integrity
  5. Provides line of communication and reporting frequently with Norwegian Creative Studios and shore side management, specifically with the Manager, Production Operations
  6. Expected to act daily as effective liaison with other departments onboard
  7. Must lead by example and encourage and model positive behaviors for team
  8. Devotes time and effort to advancing the interests of Norwegian Cruise Line Entertainment
  9. Liaises with Brands engaged by Norwegian Cruise Line Entertainment
  10. Accepting of changing project scopes, proactively and creatively adapting them to the unique environment of cruise line entertainment
  11. Must be able to work in a multi-cultural environment; also, must be able to adjust to changes in schedules, assignments and deadlines.

Qualifications, Education and Attributes


  1. Three to five years of experience, employment and/or training in stage management or equivalent experience in similar field. Broadway-type shows a plus. • 
  2. Knowledge of cruise line entertainment and experience working on a cruise ship preferable
  3. Expertise in theater production operations, budgets and procedures. Ability to manage and oversee production budgets
  4. Proven diplomatic ability to manage a diverse team of entertainment and production show professionals
  5. Adept at communication, articulate, high level of English verbal, reading and writing competency
  6. Strong organizational ability, time management, problem solving and conflict resolution
  7. Proficiency in Microsoft Windows, Office, Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Q-Lab and basic a/v equipment
  8. Ability to work long and demanding hours with a high level of stress management.


  1. High School diploma required
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Theater and/or Stage Management preferred


  1. Ability to effectively and professionally communicate with internal and external contacts from a remote location (ship)
  2. Critical thinking, problem solving skills required
  3. Passionate about hospitality and customer service driven
  4. Must have a professional appearance and good hygiene
  5. Respect for all co-workers and guests
  6. Pride in your work by creating positive energy, excitement and fun
  7. Able to work 7 days a week with long hours for entire contract length
  8. Demonstrate positive behaviors; smiling, being polite and courteous
  9. Able to develop a camaraderie with diverse team members
  10. Ability to live in close quarters, share limited space

Physical Requirements

  1. While performing the essential functions of this job, all team members are required to stand; walk long distances on the ship; use hands to touch, handle or feel; reach with hands and arms; talk, hear, taste and smell. All vessel positions require repetitive motion of bending, climbing, going up and down stairs and lifting more than 25 pounds. This job requires specific vision abilities to include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus.
  2. All team members must be physically able to participate in emergency life saving procedures and drills. All vessel positions require full use and range of arms and legs as well as full visual, verbal and hearing abilities to receive and give instructions in the event of an emergency including the lowering of lifeboats.
  3. Work within different temperature changes—indoors to outdoors.
  4. Able to pass basic safety course.
  5. This is a minimal description of duties. Other work requirements may be necessary and assigned as business or maritime law dictates.