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This is an ON SHIP position with Norwegian Cruise Line

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LISTING DATE: January, 2022


Under the direction of NCS Full Time and Contracted staff, the Lighting Designer will maintain the lighting aspects of all productions according to the original design intent. This position will also advise the Lighting Technican and Technical Supervisor or Technical Production Manager on matters such as proper system maintenance and revised procedures or best practices.

Must be at least 18 years old to apply.



  • Make best efforts to attend production meetings via phone or video conference as scheduled. Provide expertise on all lighting related items, offering solutions and advising on limitations as necessary.
  • Receive and review daily rehearsal reports for information related to the Lighting Department.
  • Be reasonably available by email or phone to answer any pertinent ad hoc questions that may arise during the rehearsal process.

Tech Rehearsal (Onboard)

  • Abides by all NCLH guidelines and procedures concerning onboard conduct, ship access, and emergency procedures.
  • Serve as lighting programmer throughout the changeover process. Update focus, intensity, and any minor programming issues (live moves, ‘a vista’ gobo/beam/color changes, etc.) that have arisen during the course of normal show operation.
    • Minor design changes such as intenstities, color changes, and cue placement completed under the direction of NCS Management.
    • This position is NOT responsible for creating designs based on new content or shows being added without additional rider to Agreement.
    • This position will NOT make changes to the lighting hang without consulting the onboard Entertainment Management AND receiving the express approval or direction of Shoreside Management Teams.
      • Changes are defined as changing the location, type, or focus parameters of a fixture in a given position.
      • For projects immediately following an initial install, scenic update, or content refresh:
      • Yoking a fixture to provide clearance for the moving head shall not be considered a change requiring Shoreside approval. However, Lighting Designer must coordinate with onboard Entertainment Management prior to implementing the change and ensure that updated focus(es) are tracked through all applicable show files.
    • This position is NOT responsible for video programming or changes.
    • Work with the Lighting Technician to implement any changes in bumpers to the general show file.
  • Attend and participate in daily production meetings, making appropriate suggestions for scheduling, and clearly expressing any needs of the lighting department.
  • Adheres to the agreed upon production schedule for completion of all tasks.
  • Completes checks of Lighting Systems in assigned venue(s), and brings any concerns to appropriate onboard and NCS Management. Checks to complete include but are not necessarily limited to:
    • Console and intelligent lighting equipment
    • Identifying blown lamps for replacement
    • Color filter check and organizing replacement
    • System software/firmware updates as directed by NCLH Shoreside Management.
      • Lighting Designer may request approval to update software/firmware through the onboard technical management (Stage Manager [O&R] or Technical Production Manager/Technical Supervisor [NCL], but may not proceed until approval is granted by Shoreside Management Staff.
    • Verifies maintenance status of gear as documented on onboard maintenance checklists (NCL)
    • Removal of old show files to an archive with the guidance of the lighting technician
  • Under the direction of NCS Management and Creative Staff, ensures highest quality of Lighting within the original Design Intent.
  • Creates or updates all relevant documentation and running paperwork as necessary.
  • Attends performances to take and implement necessary notes.
  • Ensures that final backups of all relevant files, settings, and paperwork are delivered to onboard and NCS management at the conclusion of the install.
    • Backup copy of all relevant final console files
    • Backup copy of any other venue’s console file as applicable
    • Spot Cue Sheets in editable and pdf format. Microsoft Excel format preferred where possible. Priopriatary file formats are acceptable where transfer is time prohibitive.
    • Channel Hookup, Instrument Schedule, and Magic Sheets for each show. Files to be provided in editable format and pdf. LightWright format preferred where possible.
      • Should no changes to paperwork be required, file naming will be updated to reflect accuracy as of current date of changeover.
    • Should any updates to the show-specifc lighting plot be made, copies provided in both editable and pdf formats. CAD files should be provided as .vwx.
  • As Changeover schedule allows, Lighting Designer may be requested to provide expertise and assistance to other onboard venues.


Company Management Responsibilities

  • Performs administrative tasks pertaining to Creative, Cast, and Production Team members
  • Arranges and completes transportation needs for Cast and Team such as daily rehearsal transportation between Housing and Studios, weekly grocery runs, etc. o Coordinates closely with Rehearsal Production Specalist and Production Assistant to ensure that any medical appointment runs, STCW training, and off-schedule airport pick-ups/drop offs are covered. Completes these runs as necessary and assigned
  • Reports facilities and housing issues through the NCS process
  • As requested, may be tasked with housing key collection/check out of departing cast members.

Post Production

  • Completes and delivers Install Summary Report per NCS procedure, noting general overview of the changeover process from the departmental perspective, any updates/improvements completed, maintenance and follow-up recommendations, etc.
  • Lighting Designer may be requested to provide brief feedback of experience working with Onboard or NCS Staff.