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This is an ON SHIP position with Norwegian Cruise Line

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LISTING DATE: January, 2022


The Install Production Stage Manager is responsible for the successful install of new and/or remounted productions, ensuring efficient operations and communications from rehearsals at Norwegian Creative Studios (NCS) to final delivery of the product onboard NCLH vessels.

Must be at least 18 years old to apply.



  • In coordination with Rehearsal Production Specialist and Production Assistant, prepare assigned studio space including the load-in of rehearsal scenery, rehearsal props, rehearsal instruments, and rehearsal audio systems. Completes tape-out of needed scenic elements prior to rehearsals beginning
  • Working with relevant departments, compiles and distributes rehearsal calendar noting general rehearsal schedule, costume fittings, meetings, trainings, etc.
  • Schedules and completes airport pickups of arriving Cast and Creative Team Members. Coordinates with NCS Staff to ensure coverage of pickups when/if conflicts arise
  • Serves as main point of contact between Tampa process and onboard Staff per policy relating to contracted Brand throughout the pre-production, rehearsal, and install period.

Rehearsal Process

  • Lead rehearsal process in Tampa Studios according to established operating procedures
  • Maintain and distribute the daily and weekly production schedules accurately noting all call times and events for Cast and Creative Teams
  • Complete and distribute daily production reports noting rehearsal progress, upcoming events, and communication of needs of the Production Staff and Cast Members in Tampa and onboard
  • Schedule and lead weekly Production Meetings, recording minutes and distributing according to established communication channels. •
  • Updates and maintains production documentation including props placement, set plots and markings, tracks, etc. Works with Install Production Supervisor to ensure blocking notation is correct
  • Updates and maintains show calling books as needed and/or directed
  • Prior to embarkation, assists with reset of the assigned rehearsal studio

Tech Rehearsal (Onboard)

  • Leads the install/changeover process onboard NCLH vessels
  • In coordination with designated Onboard Entertainment Management staff member, ensures the efficient operation of the tech rehearsal process onboard
  • Manages, compiles, and distributes daily schedule to all departments accurately noting timing and location of rehearsals, fittings, meetings, and cast trainings
  • Schedules and leads daily production meetings
  • Attends all opening nights during install/changeover period. Takes necessary show notes and actions as appropriate

Post Production

  • Completes and delivers Install Summary Report per NCS procedure, noting general overview of the install process. Incorporates post-install reports from Lighting and Audio departments and notes any outstanding or follow-up items across all departments
  • Attends post-mortem production meetings as scheduled
  • Responsible for the safe return of all install materials to NCS at the end of the production cycle
  • Provides any updated show material to NCS, and ensures all production documentation is updated across and Microsoft Teams.


Company Management Responsibilities

  • Performs administrative tasks pertaining to Creative, Cast, and Production Team members
  • Arranges and completes transportation needs for Cast and Team such as daily rehearsal transportation between Housing and Studios, weekly grocery runs, etc. o Coordinates closely with Rehearsal Production Specalist and Production Assistant to ensure that any medical appointment runs, STCW training, and off-schedule airport pick-ups/drop offs are covered. Completes these runs as necessary and assigned
  • Reports facilities and housing issues through the NCS process
  • As requested, may be tasked with housing key collection/check out of departing cast members.