NCS Throwback Challenge


They say the only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come. We’ve come a long way, and it’s been fun looking back. On August 11th I challenged members of our NCS family to post 10 pics of themselves from their past with any of our three brands “without any explanation” – one pic a day for 10 days, and to tag the pics #NCSThrowbackChallenge. As of August 30th, the hashtag has been used over 1,450 times! The overwhelming participation in the challenge has really impressed me, yet it would be dishonest to say I was surprised. Our NCS family is made up of a proud group of talented individuals; sharing pictures of ourselves is not something we shy away from.

Not relying on captions to explain the images, it was most gratifying for me to see the quality of pictures that were being shared. Maintaining brand identity is something I take seriously at NCS. As a company, we take pride in the material we produce and what our name is attached to. I believe in quality, and quality is defined as the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. This shared set of images reaffirms that what we produce at NCS is at a higher level than other “at sea” entertainment or cruise line production companies. The performers we hire and the way they present themselves can definitely be measured by the highest of standards. I’m proud of that and I’m proud of being a part of that. I’m as grateful to see the performers present themselves in this manner when using our hashtags, demonstrating pride, professionalism and true quality of character.

We are diverse, strong, talented, and resilient. We are a family. We are indeed #onourwayback and no matter the changes, we will be #betterthanever.

If you would like to share the #NCSThrowbackChallenge collage you can download the picture to share as an Instagram square, portrait, or stories size BY CLICKING HERE

Please use the hashtags #NCSThrowbackChallenge #Onourwayback #Betterthanever #Dowehaveyourattention #Youcantstoptheheat

Special thanks to Jeremy Fenn-Smith