NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 1, 2022

    By Appointment Only!

The Wojcik Casting Team is currently accepting appointment requests for the upcoming NYC audition. To be considered, please have your representation submit via Breakdown Services, directly on Actors Access, or send your headshot and resume, along with requested video submission criteria to NCLauditionsNY@gmail.com with NOISE BOYS in the subject line by November 7 at the latest. 

Video Submission Instructions 
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From the producers of Choir of Man, Noise Boys is a high-octane and exhilarating show that combines unbelievable physical skill with incredible musicianship and infectious rhythms. An everyman story about ordinary people with extraordinary skills and the dreams they have. Set in a breakroom of a warehouse, the characters spend their days picking and packing. The only place this creative community can find any solace from the monotony of their jobs is by exploring their dreams through rhythm, music and rap.


Nic Doodson – Director/Producer
Daniel Harnett – Associate Director
Dougie Mills – Choreographer
Jared Hagerman – Associate Choreographer
Jack Blume – Music Director
Alistair (Ali) Higgins – Music Associate
Sr. Manager, Theatrical Casting NCLH: Franklyn Warfield
London Casting Partner: Debbie O’Brien Casting

Rehearsals begin on or about February 6, 2023
Board the Norwegian PR1MA on or about March 5, 2023
End of contract TBD approx. 6 months onboard
Itinerary: Caribbean 


The Narrator

Female identifying. Rapper, Singer, and Storyteller. The Narrator is the conduit between the show and the audience. They are the person who explains to the audience what is going on and guides them through the show. Charming and empathetic. Able to converse confidently with the audience, improvise, and ad lib. The Narrator should be equally at home performing storytelling rap (in the style of Hamilton/In the Heights) and diva-esque pop numbers (think Ariana Grande).


Highly skilled beatboxers with a wide variety of sounds and effects. Should be highly efficient at keeping time with both in-ear click and without click. Additional skill using loopstations, notably the BOSS RC-505 would be preferable, though not 100% required. Beatboxers can be any nationality, ethnicity, and gender identity. 18 and older.


Highly skilled rhythm tappers. Acrobatic and/or clowning skills a plus. Tappers can be any nationality, ethnicity, and gender identity. 18 and older.

Must be 18 years or older to apply.