Vocalists and Singer/Musicians


JULY 11-15, 2022

Creative Studios by NCLH, in association with Debbie O’Brien Casting, is currently accepting appointment requests for the upcoming London audition on July 11-15, 2022. To be considered, please send your headshot and CV, along with any videos that best shows off your abilities to: ncl@debbieobrien.net.

Subject line must read: The Choir of Man - NCL


Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings
Director, Nic Doodson
Musical Supervisor, Jack Blume
Choreographer, Freddie Huddleston
Manager, Theatrical Casting, Brian Baéz
Senior Manager of Theatrical Casting, Franklyn Warfield

Norwegian Escape
Travel to Tampa: September 10, 2022
Rehearsals: September 12 – 24, 2022
Board the Ship: September 27, 2022
End of Contract: May 29, 2023 – SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Norwegian Encore
Travel to Tampa: September 17, 2022
Rehearsals: September 19 – October 7, 2022
Board the Ship: October 9, 2022
End of Contract: January 23, 2023 – SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Performance Salary: $1,100.00USD/Weekly

Welcome to The Choir Of Man – the best pub concert you’ve ever been to... 

 The Choir of Man is the Olivier nominated worldwide smash show that in a few short years has gone from the Edinburgh Fringe to sold out seasons at the Sydney Opera House, multiple US National and European tours and London’s West End. Currently playing on Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Encore, and previously playing to standing ovations at London’s Arts Theatre, and returning this autumn, the show is unadulterated entertainment that combines high energy dance, live music and foot stomping choreography with the incredible talent of 9 ordinary guys who perform everything from sing-along classics to classic rock. Imagine the greatest pub gig you’ve ever been to and multiply it by 10 and you’ll still be nowhere near the fun that this show exudes throughout. Featuring pub tunes, folk, rock, choral and musical theatre numbers, the 9 guys showcase music that has wide appeal. The cast features world class tap dancers, singers, instrumentalists, dancers and poets, ensuring that there is something for everyone in this joyous and uplifting show for all ages. Not only is the concert set in a pub, but it has a real working bar from which the cast will pull pints and invite audience members to get up close and personal with the show – witnessing the action from chairs and tables among the guys – and ready to drink in the action! We are currently casting for two companies for Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Encore – some members of previous companies may be returning but at the moment we are considering applications for all roles. 


Male singers who look like the ordinary guy in the pub!
We actively encourage applications from performers of all ethnicities or heritages, and of all shapes and sizes.
Please note that some roles require instrumental skills – please highlight these on your applications.
All performers will require excellent singing voices and an enjoyment of and ability to sustain harmonies.


The Romantic is the good looking heartthrob of the group who can equally belt out “Welcome To The Jungle” but also shows his sensitive side singing Adele’s “Hello”. He likes to play the macho part but has a soft sensitive side HIGH TENOR. Full pop belt up to top C5; strong, controlled high falsetto. Basic rhythm guitar preferred but not necessary.


The joker is the heart and soul of the pub – always quick to crack a joke, tease a mate or pretend to spill a drink on the audience – he’s just great fun to be around. He has a great pop/rock voice. HIGH TENOR. Full voice up to top C#5; strong, controlled high falsetto. Intermediate piano (chords) required, and ability to play or learn intermediate guitar, banjo and ukulele.


The hard-man is a “solid wall of muscle, able to dead-lift your gran with one hand”. Classic good looking, muscly leading man character. Must have great rock/pop lead voice. TENOR. Full pop-rock voice to top A4; strong, controlled falsetto. Basic piano (block chords), or ability to learn.


The barman is one of the most important roles in the show. The show takes place in his bar so he should have natural authority as well as great acting and stage awareness skills. He pulls pints and chats to audience members before and during the show and he holds all the props for the show so must follow the action very closely. He sings the two comedic songs during the show so needs to be a strong comedy actor.

TENOR. Full pop/rock voice to A4, plus strong, controlled high falsetto with excellent choral blend. No instruments necessary, but ability to learn basic violin preferred.


The beast is a “great boulder of a man who builds houses by day and reads poetry at night”. He’s the classic big softie – looks intimidating but with a beautiful solo voice and incredible guitar player. LOW BARITONE. Warm soulful/folky/blues voice, full-voice range spanning E2 to F4, plus strong, controlled falsetto. Outstanding acoustic guitar required with ability to lead an ensemble rhythmically, fingerpick creatively, solo impressively and adapt as required.


Maestro, the piano man, has the playing skills of Rachmaninov and the drinking skills of Rab C Nesbitt. Enjoys showing off on the piano when the time is right, but otherwise is happy left to his pint. TENOR. Full voice to A4, plus falsetto, with ability to control and blend chorally through range. Outstanding technical piano skills, music reading ability and overall musicality. Classical or Jazz training preferred. Ability to be both creative and consistent with piano playing, and adapt as required.


The Poet – the narrator - is the only person in the bar who speaks to the audience during the show. He must be incredibly warm, witty and likeable. He’s the friendly voice the guides the show and sets the tone for the evening. He must have authority and vulnerability at the same time and above all must feel real – no acting required. The narrator has a regional or cockney accent BARITONE - Characterful, warm baritone voice, full-voice range spanning G2 to G4, plus falsetto. Intermediate piano skills much preferred.

HANDY MAN (Tapper)

The Handy Man has outstanding rhythmic tap and improvised tap skills. He also has a very strong ensemble singing voice. BARITONE. Smooth baritone voice, full-voice range spanning G2 to A4, plus falsetto. Willingness to learn basic trumpet.


The pub bore has an outstanding bass voice with a rich, full tone and natural resonance. He has a wonderful and impressive solo tone unlike any other in the show, whether that is operatic or infused with blues and soul. He is the butt of many of the jokes in the pub, but everyone respects his voice and his knowledge. He looks unassuming, but when he sings the pub lights up. BASS. Bottom D2 to F4. Basic piano skills, and strong rhythmic coordination (rhythmic ability sufficient to learn strong Cajon skills). Ability to play or learn basic Ukulele.

Must be 18 years old to apply